Birds vs bricks: Patterns of species diversity in response to urbanization in a Neotropical Andean city - Fig 5

Partial plots of a multiple regression analysis showing the Relationship between the bird species diversity at different q orders (i.e. 0,1,2) and the intensity of noise (A,E,I), the percentage of impervious surface and guadual surface area (B,F,J), distance to the edge of the city and percentage of open surface area (C,G,K), and percentage of forest surface area (D,H,L) in 76 urban cells in the study area This figure has illustrative aim due that results and discussion are based on results obtained in a Generalized lineal model(GLM), however, results obtained in the GLM and the multiple regression analyses were similar. Values on y-axis (left) and x-axis (bottom) are residuals of a multiple regression analysis. Regression lines in bold indicate significant relationships at alpha = 0.05.