Baculovirus proteome comparison.

(A) Protein conservation in baculovirus occluded virion proteomes. Proteins derived from baculoviral proteomics datasets were clustered in orthogroups. The conservations of each of these orthogroups was evaluated and scored according to the number of proteomes in which they were detected. Gene class distribution (core genes, lepidopteran baculovirus-specific, genus-specific, species-specific) of orthologs groups within Baculoviridae is highlighted in different colours. Hight of the bars reflects numbers of classes of proteins found in a given number of proteomes: e.g. the first bar (number of proteomes: 1) includes orthogroups present in just one of the reported nine baculoviral proteomes; the bar on the far right includes protein class counts (15 core genes) found in all the baculoviral OB proteomes. (B) Proteins detected in proteomes of betabaculoviruses were grouped in sets of orthologs and represented using a Venn diagram. A set of 34 proteins is present in all three viruses [20, 21, this study]; core gene products are highlighted in bold. Two of these protein clusters being specific of Betabaculovirus (Epap48 and Epap95).