AutonoMouse schematic.

(a) Basic design of the AutonoMouse system showing the link between the common home cage and the upper behavioural staging area. (i) Main home cage. (ii) Food hopper. (iii) Access door controlled by IR beam detectors. (iv) IR beam detectors, inactive as not blocked by animal. (v) Active IR beam detectors blocked by animal. (vi) Unique RFID readout. (vii) Water reservoir, pump and lickometer. (viii) Odour stimulus production. (ix) Odour exhaust. (x) Access ramp. (b) Time course of a typical olfactory go/no-go stimulus in the system. (c) Response/reward table showing trial outcomes depending on stimulus type and whether animal licks in ≥3 (+ve response) response period quarters or <3 (-ve response) (Q1-Q4 in (b). (d) Performance over trials in the first introduced olfactory discrimination task (n = 29, mean +/- sem; sliding average with 100 trial window).