AutonoMouse gives high volumes of reliable behavioural data.

(a) Number of trials performed per day by animals housed in AutonoMouse (n = 67, mean +/- std, total trials = 1,351,320). (b) Number of trials that are performed in sessions of continuous trial sequences (<20s between trials, mean session length = 38). Inset: performance in each set of consecutive trials plotted against the number of trials within the set. (c) Fraction of trials performed in each hour of the day for 3 representative animals that performed the least, median and most trials per day. (d) Mean fraction trials performed each hour for all animals (mean +/- sem). (e) For each animal, the overall fraction of trials performed in each hour vs. the average accuracy in that hour. There is no appreciable correlation between these variables (R = 0.006, p > 0.05). (f) Average performance accuracy in each hour of the day, averaged over all animals (mean +/- sem).