Assessment of Akr1c3 and Akr1b10 and γ-tubulin expression in various stable cell lines using immunblotting approaches.

(A) Representative immunoblots for assessing Akr1c3, Akr1b10 and γ-tubulin protein expression in extracts of unselected MCF-7CC cells or doxorubicin-selected MCF-7DOX2 cells (selection doses 7 through 12). Blots represent one 4 independent experiments. (B) Fold change in Akr1C3 levels relative to corresponding co-cultured control cell lines for doxorubicin-selected cell lines across selection doses 7 through 12 (based by densitometry). Fold changes are expressed as the average ± S.E.M. for 4 independent experiments. The significance of differences in Akr1c3 expression between the designated doxorubicin-elected cell line and its corresponding co-cultured control cell line was assessed using an ANOVA test, followed by a Bonferoni correction. * p< 0.05, ** p< 0.01, *** p< 0.001, **** p< 0.0001.