Anti-muPECAM-1 [125I]-mAb binding in cellular homogenates of live cells is enhanced by paired mAb.

Binding parameters of anti-muPECAM-1 mAbs (A) Mec13.3 and (B) 390 in cellular homogenates of live cells stably expressing muPECAM. Membrane preparations were added to antibody cocktail [125I]-mAb solo or with paired mAb and incubated for 2h, followed by filtering through Millipore Multiscreen Filter Plates using vacuum manifold. The results are presented as total binding corrected for nonspecific binding on membrane preparations of REN-WT cells. Kd of Mec13.3 sees 0.77 ± 0.02-fold change in solo vs paired. Notably, Bmax values increase for both mAbs Mec13.3 and 390 co-incubated with a paired mAb. The insets show Scatchard analysis of experiments.