Analysis of lymphocyte infiltration and immune signaling gene expression in IM subtype TNBC.

(A) Representative H&E images TNBC tumors that were scored for mild (0–10%) moderate (20–40%) or intense (>50%) levels of infiltrating lymphocytes relative to total nuclei. (B) Boxplot shows IM subtype gene expression correlation for each TCGA TNBC tumor binned into mild, moderate or intense levels by pathological evaluation of H&E slides. (C) Beeswarm plot shows the IM subtype correlation for 587 TNBC tumors according to TNBC subtypes (red). Tumors that were initially subtyped as IM, but have strong secondary correlations to other subtypes, are shown in black. (D) Heatmap shows expression of immuno-regulatory genes across 587 TNBC tumors ranked by increasing correlations to the IM TNBC centroid.