Analysis of Env binding serum IgG antibody titers.

Plasma samples taken at week -2 (baseline), week 22 (2 weeks post αLOX-1.Env gp140 vaccinations), and week 32 (2 weeks post NYVAC-KC boost) were measured by binding antibody multiplex assay against the indicated Env proteins: (A) 96ZM651 gp140, (B) C.1086C_V1_V2 Tags, (C) Con S gp140 CFI, (D) 00MSA 4076, and (E) gp70_B.CaseA-V1_V2. Each panel shows anti-Env IgG titers represented as an area under the titration curve (AUC) of individual NHP (n = 6 for G1, G2; n = 4 for G3, G4). Boxplots show the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles of the AUC distribution for each group. Filled and open circles denote positive and negative responders, respectively, and the percent of positive responders is noted above each boxplot. AUC comparisons between groups where the Wilcoxon rank sum test p-value is < 0.05 are denoted with a *. Note that part of the data (weeks -2, 22, 32) in (A) is replicated independently in Fig 2.