Analyses of plc1 and plc2 transcription in ATCC 19606T and isogenic derivatives.

(A) Transcriptional analyses of plc1 and plc2 in ATCC 19606T cells grown in TSBD or TSBD supplemented with 50 μM FeCl3 (TSBD + Fe). Expression of bauA was used as a positive control for iron-regulated gene expression. (B) Transcriptional analyses of plc1 and plc2 genes to determine any compensatory regulation in cells of the ATCC 19606T parental strain or the isogenic derivatives 3430 (plc2::aph) or 3452 (plc1::aph-FRT) cells grown in TSBD for 24 h at 37°C with shaking at 200 rpm. Expression of plc genes was normalized to the expression of the 16S gene, which is constitutively expressed under iron-rich and iron-chelated conditions. Error bars represent the standard error (SE) of the mean.