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ARE reporter response in mesenchymal type cells.

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posted on 01.06.2017 by Waqas Azeem, Margrete Reime Hellem, Jan Roger Olsen, Yaping Hua, Kristo Marvyin, Yi Qu, Biaoyang Lin, Xisong Ke, Anne Margrete Øyan, Karl-Henning Kalland

(A) FACS analysis of mCherry signals in EPT3-PT1-AR-241B cells. Cells were grown in androgen free medium and treated with different AR agonists (1 nM R1881 and 1 μM DHT), steroids (10 nM dexamethasone, 10 nM progesterone and 1 μM β-estradiol), AR antagonist (10 μM enzalutamide) and anti-androgen (10 μM abiraterone). (B) Texas red (Tx-Red) indirect immunofluorescent detection of AR in EPT3-PT1-AR-241B cells. The cells were treated with ± 1 nM R1881 for 24 hours.