3-D reconstruction showing collagen fusing in areas of abnormal lamellae in CSCD.

Sections through 3-D reconstruction showing two collagen fibrils (yellow arrows) coming together as we move through the depth of the CSCD sample (A-C). 3-D segmentation of these two fibrils in longitudinal (D) and transverse (E) view. Longitudinal section through a 3-D reconstruction showing the association of separate collagen fibrils (yellow dashed line) in the corneal stroma (F). 3-D segmentation of a wider part of the same stromal area showing the association of fibrils (white arrow in G). In electron micrographs yellow arrows indicate collagen fibrils and black arrows proteoglycans (A, B, C, F). In 3-D electron tomography collagen is depicted in white and proteoglycan chains in blue-green (D, E, G).